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Effects of Nootropics on Drawing!!!

I made the following drawing after drinking neurofuel, it seems the more I focus the better may technical skills become! check it out… more importantly, try it for yourself@!

Oh, btw, this is a drawing of Dragon Ball Z’s main character San Goku. Dragon Ball began as a manga cartoon in Japan (created by Akira Toriama) and has grown into a world wide success.

Revenge of the NERD 2 (FOCUS AND ENERGY)

Round 2-


Smell- sprite or mountain dew. I detect under-notes of lemon significant bite- very sharp carbonation. Best comparison for taste would be a mild version of Full Throttle energy drink mixed with mountain dew. This drink is so fluffy and light that I am surprised to find in 2 minutes I am almost done with the entire 12 fl oz. can. What is even more impressive, is how many nootropic ingredients are combined without any significant alteration to its soft-drink taste, by the can, there is approximately 250 mg of its core active ingredients: Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, DMAE, Chinese Ginko. Sporting an energy blend of Ginseng, Guarana, Caffeine, and Taurine among other ingredients, the Nerd Focus and Energy drink packs interest to many different energy drink consumers.

Nootropic effects:

30 minutes after consumption I am feeling a calming effect. Some mental fog has been lifted and I am feeling an ease in concentrating on one task that normally takes me a long time to achieve without supplementation. I would not say that the focus is intense rather very calming and welcomed. Perhaps my memory and recall is improved though I have no means of testing this at the moment, but with out a doubt, the nootropic effect of this drink tops both neurofuel and brain toniq for helping me get concentrating. Very pleased with the results.


As a college student, Nerd is exactly the prescription for maximum focus that I would need to study for an exam, or help me write a paper. It becomes clear, after certain reflection, that the lines extending onto the streets of people waiting for their next coffee fix at the local Starbucks describe a need in our society for increased mental stimulation and focus. This is why nootropics are the next wave of focus drinks. Too much caffeine can cause a decline in intelligence (Online Source), however a moderate amount can increase focus and mental alertness.

Therefore, Nerd has all the winning cards and is likely to take it all the way home with their drink. I can highly recommend Nerd if you are wanting to start out with a solid nootropic drink. It is a safe and effective transition from the traditional energy drink while the taste will be familiar and not too herbal like brain toniq or neurofuel.

Check out their website at nerdfocus.com – or order a 24 pack of nerd focus here!

Why Energy Drinks are not Nootropics!

Some energy drinks have indeed crossed the Rubicon into the realm of the great Nootropics. Red-bull, which increases mental alertness and focus- may sound like a potion perfectly suited for our Nootropic genre, but let me explain that is does not measure up.

There are many elements and submodalities that makes a drink a n-tropic. First of all, focus is a highly desirable characteristic which is achieved by the right proportions of caffeine and vitamin B-complex. Mental alertness- as experienced through the ingestion of amphetamine salts or higher levels of caffeine is a side-effect of most Nootropics, and not necessarily its primary effect. Rather, improving learning, memory, or a combination thereof of creativity and problem solving, stands as the primary purpose and use of the ultimate super nootropic drink.

Imagine grabbing a cold iced nootropic drink, and downing the glowing liquid which is so refreshing as you empty the last drip onto your tongue, and all of a sudden you feel a rush of euphoria, heightened senses, and an increased ability to retain information. This brief rush of enhanced abilities is what the Nootropic experience is all about- especially if it is presented in a refreshing package.

Intellectual advantage is the name of the game. Quick and short bursts of ability are most desirable since consumers that would experience a permanent fix may develop rapid tolerance to the effects and it would loose not only its subjective effects but also its lasting marketability driving continual innovation.

The world needs more nootropic drinks, support the generation of new companies and new research nixing energy drinks, and moving towards the more worthy idea of neurological supporting functional beverages.

Ah but what better way to illustrate the potential of nootropics in the future then in the Holywood mega blockbuster film- LIMITLESS!

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Revenge of the NERD (Focus & Energy Drink)

Nerd Energy Drink!

Nerd Energy----

WOW!!! Talk about being bold. Nerd Beverage company, springing from sweet home Texas, has come out with two Nootropic drinks strikingly similar in color and design to the leading energy drink company Monster. Hailed by Texans as a drink that makes clinical sense- with a laundry list of powerful Nootropics featuring: Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, Gingko Bilboa, DMAE, and an energy blend with our well-known B-vitamins, caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and taurine. Markedly there are a few more ingredients.

Vinpocetine is derived from the lesser periwinkle plant (Vinca Minor L).

“Vinpocetine is reported to have cerebral blood-flow enhancing and neuroprotective effects, and is used as a drug in Eastern Europe for the treatment of cerebro-vascular disorders and age-related memory impairment.
Vinpocetine is widely marketed as a supplement for vasodilation and as a nootropic for the improvement of memory. In other words, Vinpocetine may help support brain functions such as concentration and memory by activating cerebral metabolism.”

Huperzine has been shown to improve mental functioning in healthy teenagers and is often used as a memory enhancer. Preventing the breakdown of Acetylecholine, this special nootropic may be providing extra advantages to this blend.

Gingko is less of a wow factor for me. I have seen studies show inconclusive results for this ingredient and therefore it appears that this is implemented purely for familiarity.

DMAE is a very nice supplement that elevates mood, and improves memory and learning. This is a safe nootropic that I am glad they added to their blend.

Overall we are looking at a nice mixture of energy for attention benefits, and memory enhancers that could very well prove effective.

The taste, after having performed numerous online review hunts seems to again fall under the highly carbonated soda drink, that is not too sweet, but has been compared to sprite.

Online testimonials hail this drink as a super-nootropic with amphetamine-like focusing effects. I would be extremely interested to try this drink as you are probably too. The company website is professional, but seems to lack the same marketing genius of neuro-sonic and the neuro product line.

The cost to purchase a case of 24 is about $48 with an online promotion for the next two months of $10.00 off. If you went on amazon you could find a 4 pack for $20 with shipping.

If this drink is tasty, then I think we have a winner for Nootropic effect.

I am disappointed in the name of this drink and logo on the can, as well as the color scheme, but the similarities to Monster may in fact be a very smart move on the companies part. The price seems about average even better then average at no cost to cognitive effect, thus I must give this drink a few extra stars.

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Neuro Gasm? Neuro Drinks (Neuro Sonic Nootropic)

Check these Out!

Neuro Drinks- Photo courtesy of notcot.com

Again searching for nootropics,

If you watched the above promo video, and are getting excited to drink neuro sonic- i would too.
In Neuro sonic you will find the following ingredients:

Taurine, Glucuronclactone, Acetyl-L Carnitine, L-Phenylalanine, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, Inositol, Eluetherococcus senticocus, and reservatrol

I have not tried this drink as of yet but have compiled a list of reviews across the net which paint a pretty detailed picture of what to expect.

The taste of this beverage is very fruity and refreshing, and the fizz is off the wall. It maintains the energy drink taste which is common when you add the long list of ingredients posted above.

Prepare to get a mental surge that puts it into its own category of drinks while also giving you an added boost that will make you peppy and ready for working out or reading Tolstoy.

I’d be interested in purchasing a trial pack of this drink and its associated products, although classified in the functional beverage category, neuro drink sports a premium nootropic that many other energy drinks tend not to overly market- if there is enough interest out there I will bite the bullet. Leave me a comment and I’ll head up this research- but for now, let’s get back to finding the ultimate nootropic blends.

So what makes this drink stand out as a nootropic- the first ingredient that jumps out is Alpha GPC- commonly used as a dietary nootropic supplement used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and as a memory and cognition enhancement. The effect dose is between 300-1200 mg per day.

“Alpha GPC rapidly delivers choline to the brain across the blood-brain barrier and is a biosynthetic precursor of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter (Parnetti).”

Eluetherococcus senticocus is a bizzare species of woody shrub that has similar effects to Chinese ginseng. The nootropic effects primarily assist in memory and learning enhancement.

Finally, the caffeine content- effecting alertness and memory is around 50 mg. This makes for a stunningly successful memory, concentration, and non-jacked up caffeinated nootrop. Subscribe to my page to read up on my latest articles. As soon as I get this drink, I will submit my subjective review chart to compare it with neurofuel and brain toniq.


– Parnetti, Lucilla; et al. (2007). “Cholinergic precursors in the treatment of cognitive impairment of vascular origin: Ineffective approaches or need for re-evaluation?”. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 257: 266. PMID 17331541

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