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Nootropics Can Change your Life

Some people reach for a coffee when they feel tired and need a boost to get going during the day. Some people grab a cup of sleepy-time tea when they are tossing and turning and find it hard to get to sleep at night. At public functions, or when some people just want to relax and quiet the noise of a hyperactive alpha-wave brain, they reach for a beer or liquor thereby providing chemical relief to the stresses of everyday life.

Functional beverages are ubiquitous in our modern-day society where demands for our time and attention are constantly being made by our friends, family, social media, public media, and our daily jobs.

Being able to direct ones attention and focus in order to accomplish a difficult cognitive task via supplementation has, up until recently, been the realm of specialized prescription medication or caffeine.

Over the past few years, a wave has emerged of new cognitive “nootropic” supplements with the distinctive ability to radically alter ones emotional & physiological states of mind. These supplements act by increasing blood-flow to the brain (by extension, oxygen availability) improving the health of neurotransmitters and improving memory capacity by augmenting the brain’s ability to focus by improving mood.The science behind nootropics is very well researched and understood with a considerable sample of data widely available in troves.

Now you might be wondering what drinks have to do with doing anything in your life other than quenching your thirst and taste buds. Success in life depends on ones ability to take action despite being tired, not in the mood, or feeling like you would much rather be watching your favorite episode of Law and Order.

The age old adage is that discipline is the single differentiating and statistically significant factor in the wealth equation.Success requires a modicum of discipline – being able to follow through consistently towards a singular focus of mind. Success is the offspring of having persistence towards a desired goal. With persistence and strategy all things under the sun are made possible.

Why are Nootropics the solution to the self-discipline equation? Our mental states are dependent upon upon psychological and physiological factors. Nootropics serve two primary functions, they act as a cue for the brain to shift brain waves and mental states based on their chemical influence on neurological functions as well as on their trigger-like status that in a Pavlovian sense, train the brain to enter a work or cognitive task-focus routine.

The effects of the drinks that affect mood are the most potent and significant in improving discipline-class behaviors as the generation of endorphins, dopamine,  or seratonin, post-consumption, act as a reward to close the loop of developing the habits of success.

In closing, I have used nootropics consistently to improve my concentration, focus, memory, and ability to quickly process data for the past 8 years. The improvements and benefits are worth mentioning as I am confident they can provide these very same results to you in your life.

Weather you are trying to complete your education, working on developing a new or existing business, or trying to read 100 books this year, Nootropics can provide an incredibly efficient means of getting there, and getting there fast.

Grab a Neurofuel, brain-tonique, piracetam, vinpocetine, or huperizine supplement from your local vitamin store or order on-line and start engaging the power of the nootropic.

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