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Excelerol Review – Clean your office

In need of some quick focus to get a helter-skelter office cleaned, organized, and up to par in super-record time, I decided to put to the test: Excelerol.


Excelerol in all its glory

Excelerol isn’t a Nootropic Drink, however, in the spirit of optimizing memory, focus, and enhanced mental speed, I thought, what the heck.

Pouring a glass of ice water – to simulate the Nootropic Drink experience, I set up shop at my desk, downed the blister packed pill. The cylindrical pill looked like a space pod out of a Science Fiction novel sporting both black writing and otherworldly coloring, I bring the pill up to ingest, the faintest scent of peppermint is apparent. Swallowing it, I am reminded of VICKS chest rub, and a similar sensation follows.

I decided to wait a few minutes and play some Dual-N-Back task via Brain Workshop to give the Nootropic time to take effect. 20 minutes later, the onset of focus begins.

Let’s get started.

I glance around me at the clutter, the stacks of unorganized paper, books randomly scattered on various surfaces, garbage not thrown away.


Messy desk… Note the sketch of the meditating Nootropic monk from my last post!

Slowly, but surely, my mind awakens… Its a lighter focus than truBrain, but it there, in the background.

Glancing at the box, I take a recap of what is in this thing:

  • Vitamin B 12, Niacin (as Niacinamide)
  • Guarana Extract
  • Kola Nut Extract
  • DMAE
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Gingko Biloba Extract
  • Rhodiola Extract
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • White Tea Extract
  • Black Tea Extract
  • Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine
  • Citicoline
  • Huperzine A Extract
  • Vinpocetine.

Note, Gingko, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A, as well as Citicoline. These are pleasant surprises in the Nootropic blend as I know the level of focus and clarity that these specific ingredients have generated for me in the past.

I look around the room and again, and not to my surprise, the mess is still there.


Room still a mess…

The kick of Excelerol is very gradual- this seems more like a long term focus solution than an instant boost. None the less, I decide to play some Limitless songs- Happy Pills soundtrack from the movie in the background to give some ambiance to the blitz organization task.

At first I am able to quickly make some decisions, sorting books into their proper location, removing items that do not belong and sorting all cluttered surfaces in the room. I segregate all papers and bills into one category but notice how quickly I fall into the trap of reading the papers –

SPECIAL NOTE: organizing and cleaning requires lazer focus, distraction is the enemy of productivity. This is where Excelerol comes in.

My focus was now reaching a threshold and setting the timer, I was able to blaze through without faltering concentration the entire room in under 40 minutes.


aaaaaa…. that’s better!

Within this time span, all loose paper and files were sorted into the filing cabinet, miscellaneous trinkets were put-away, surfaces were dusted, floor vacuumed, and documents that were destined for the waste bin were discarded.



And… now nearly 1.5 hours later, my room is cleared, organized, and the focus is still strong.

Overall, for a long, consistent focused state, Excelerol performs as promised. I would give this product a 4 out of 5 star. Although my focus has been improved and room cleaned, my decision making and creativity did not see significant speed increases as -racetam’s give, I did maintain a productive state of focus that allowed me to get organized rather quickly and back to my other work.

Stay tuned for my next review of Neutonic – Nootropic Drink coming up in the next week. Follow this blog to see the post as soon as it comes online!

See you at the top.


Instead of writing a review article about Nootropics this evening, I thought I would draw about it instead! Enjoy.

Monk Illustration_colored


What do Nootropic Drinks have to do with Productivity?


The sun is blazing across the clear blue sky, each golden ray warming the earth, causing the grass to glow bright emerald-green and the earth to resonate with the flood of light engulfing it.

Each step I take forward across the blades of due-laden grass, each breath of fresh, crisp air, abundant air, causes my body & mind to fill with a boundless sense of energy and peace. Reveling in this moment, I reach down and tilt back an ice-cold liquid canister of Nootropics.

The sudden cold liquid contrast against the warm sunlight within my chest, the warm afterglow of carbonation & citrus flavors, the sharpening of my senses becomes so overwhelming- the moment gets frozen in suspended animation, warm, scintillating, ephemeral in my mind.

My head snaps up suddenly.

I peer around, eyes squinting. Directly ahead, white, black, and brown colors start to come into focus, and shadows of what appears to be a very familiar computer, desk, and whiteboard begin to take shape. I realize I am still sitting in my office…

30 Tasks are blinking in red on my ToDo List, OVERDUE, there is an associated feeling of being stuck in an awfully deep hole that just keeps getting deeper.

Signs of stress ensue. The shallow breath, nervousness in the stomach, loss of clarity, and little shots of adrenaline. Get focused. Get Clear. Get productive. It dawns on me…… I need to act, and act fast.


With one fell swoop, I open up the refrigerator chug back a Nootropic drink of choice, and feel the anxiety, stress, and brain-fog rapidly abating, while instantly feeling refreshed & hydrated. My mind becomes clear, focused, heightened, and I know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Working memory becomes enhanced, my vocabulary improves, and I am able to structure tasks within my mind and apply the perfect amount of concentration in order to accomplish it. All cylinders are activated and 4 hours later, what would have taken me 2 weeks to complete is done, 20+ e-mails are sent, and my entire environment is organized and cleaned.

Talk about productivity.

Ok, so the above story is a work of fiction, however, Nootropics can and do have a major impact on productivity. I have used them to assist with studying, homework, working out,  writing lengthy research papers, and cleaning house. Organization requires intense focus and activation of the decision making centers (executive function) of the brain found in primarily in the prefrontal cortex (PFC).

Productivity Based on Dopaminergics

Dopaminergics are a type of nootropics that work by elevating the level of dopamine or its activity in the brain. The dopamine neurotransmitter causes feelings of pleasure and reward within the brain and body. The nootropics work by stimulating the release of dopamine from the pre-frontal cortex .

Some dopaminergic nootropic examples include:

Mucuna Pruriens







Stay tuned in the next week or two for a number of New Nootropic Drinks I have ordered that should be arriving soon. I’ll be posting detailed reviews of these products so follow this blog & get the latest updates in Nootropic Drinks immediately!

See you at the top.


truBrain Nootropic Drink Review




This is the first time I have come across a drink that blends both Oxiracetam and Piracetam, two heavy hitters in the Nootropic arsenal. Not only that, but TruBrain effectively perfects the dosage & expands the variety of its key Nootropics like I have never seen done before. So for that alone, the winner of the most innovative and perfected combination of Nootropic ingredients I have yet come across for Nootropic Drinks, goes to truBrain!

This think drink is carefully packaged in a shooter pouch that contains the neuro-boosting formula. The top-seal comes off easily and…


Pitching the pouch back with a little compression of the thumb and fingers, a rush of SWEET, CITRUS, TROPICAL flavors splashes in waves of delicious nutrition, tuning in all of my taste buds almost at once.

Notes of what seem like pineapple, citrus, and cool blue agave slowly emerge like the foaming surf after the crashing of a wave.

A few moments pass, my mind starts to focus. I can feel a warm sense of calm descend and there is a sudden, perceptible change in my cognition enhanced by a glowing euphoric flow-state that is progressively turning up in intensity.

Focus More, Try truBrain


My computer playlist switches suddenly to The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You, and I feel LIMITLESS!!!!

After trying every energy shot, every energy drink, every Nootropic drink, vitamins and supplements I could get my hands on for more than a  decade, I have finally found a refreshing Nootropic that meets the quality and exceeds the effects I have been so desperately seeking. Thank you truBrain.


Not only has the flavor of this drink been exceptionally tasty, but my state of focus has only been deepening the more that I write. The energized network of neurons within my brain are beyond excited and there is a tightening, an awakening of all my senses. Undoubtedly the Oxiracetam and Piracetam stack is in perfect ratio, credit to the creators of this powerful new beverage.

My biggest disappointment right now is that I want to drink more of these suckers!

Let’s delve a little bit deeper, shall we?



Oxiracetam improves the fluidity, clarity and speed of thought. An added advantage is an increase in attention span, concentration,  and focus. Motivation is also dramatically improved. “Oxiracetam is also classed as an ampakine affecting both AMPA and NDMA receptors that correspond to the neurotransmitter glutamate. Oxiracetam is able to facilitate the transmission of signals at synapses in these glutamatergic systems, boosting the action of glutamate. Similarly to the action of acetylcholine, this is known to promote more efficient memory encoding and learning.” (Nootropics.co.uk, 2015)


“There appears to be a notable reduction in the rate of cognitive decline (or rehabiliation of aged cognition) associated with high dose Piracetam over time and in a general manner. Piracetam is sometimes used as a comparator for cognitive decline.” (examine.com, 2016) 

From an intellect-boosting standpoint, these critical performance parameters which include: memory, focus, and attention, have been found to be quintessential to learning, data processing, and contribute to a host of other significant cognitive benefits.

Citocoline, L-Theanine, Uridine, Centrophenoxine

With antioxidants, RNA production boosters, and fuel for fast firing neurons, these additional constituents of truBrain take it to a whole other level in terms of the achieving the complete package of nutrients, taste, Nootropics, and powerful synergistic effect.


As truBrain continues to improve my awareness every minute, I get this growing sense of excitement, comparable to none other than the sudden gifting of a very large inheritance. The potential to awaken and accelerate into this state of mind in the future, whenever I need a cognitive boost to get organized,  get motivated, or simply enter a state of flow, granting me access to my full potential, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Now, prepare to gain access to your whole, true brain!

Starter pack 3

The Think Drink.


Nootropics are Refreshing Drinks for Focus, Memory, Creativity

Energy drinks are literally EVERYWHERE. Every Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, convenient store, gas station, and retail outlet across the world houses energy drinks, there are so many energy drinks, it can be straight up confusing.

On the rare occasion that you come across a NOOTROPIC drink, suddenly the confusion is lifted, abated, and you are left with elegant simplicity in clean, studied, and effective nootropic ingredients. Think drinks are harder to isolate from the pack and not too common, yet there is a growing demand for focus drinks, or think drinks as they are also called.

How can I find a Nootropic think drink locally?

You can’t walk into Walmart or Kroger and find nootropic drinks or even nootropic supplements off the shelf. These specialty items have only recently emerged at some gas stations as well as at companies such as Vitamin World or GNC.

The markets also are constantly fluctuating and there is a heavy dependency upon location. There are many grass-roots companies that pedal nootropic drinks to university-type populations due to their benefits with regards to cognition and memory.

Where can I buy a Nootropic think drink?

If you  unfortunately  don’t live close to a mecca of nootropic drinks or a university that has adopted this future-leaning and growing market of brain boosters, then you only other option is to search on-line for the best drinks that are out there.

You can place an order through amazon, company websites, or through review sites such as nootropicdrinks.wordpress.com that have established links to these companies and can provide insight on the ingredients, flavor, quality, and overall product merits without having to waste valuable time going through the hay-stack to find the golden needle.

Keep checking back to this site (click follow this blog to get updates every time a new featured article is published!!) to discover the newest brain drinks, links, and all the detailed reviews you can hope for to help you gain the perspective of what works from what doesn’t and help increase the awareness of this amazing field of refreshments with a purpose; to make you focused, more aware, and help you remember where you put those keys!

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Focus More, try truBrain
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