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About Nootropics

What do Nootropic Drinks have to do with Productivity?


The sun is blazing across the clear blue sky, each golden ray warming the earth, causing the grass to glow bright emerald-green and the earth to resonate with the flood of light engulfing it.

Each step I take forward across the blades of due-laden grass, each breath of fresh, crisp air, abundant air, causes my body & mind to fill with a boundless sense of energy and peace. Reveling in this moment, I reach down and tilt back an ice-cold liquid canister of Nootropics.

The sudden cold liquid contrast against the warm sunlight within my chest, the warm afterglow of carbonation & citrus flavors, the sharpening of my senses becomes so overwhelming- the moment gets frozen in suspended animation, warm, scintillating, ephemeral in my mind.

My head snaps up suddenly.

I peer around, eyes squinting. Directly ahead, white, black, and brown colors start to come into focus, and shadows of what appears to be a very familiar computer, desk, and whiteboard begin to take shape. I realize I am still sitting in my office…

30 Tasks are blinking in red on my ToDo List, OVERDUE, there is an associated feeling of being stuck in an awfully deep hole that just keeps getting deeper.

Signs of stress ensue. The shallow breath, nervousness in the stomach, loss of clarity, and little shots of adrenaline. Get focused. Get Clear. Get productive. It dawns on me…… I need to act, and act fast.


With one fell swoop, I open up the refrigerator chug back a Nootropic drink of choice, and feel the anxiety, stress, and brain-fog rapidly abating, while instantly feeling refreshed & hydrated. My mind becomes clear, focused, heightened, and I know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Working memory becomes enhanced, my vocabulary improves, and I am able to structure tasks within my mind and apply the perfect amount of concentration in order to accomplish it. All cylinders are activated and 4 hours later, what would have taken me 2 weeks to complete is done, 20+ e-mails are sent, and my entire environment is organized and cleaned.

Talk about productivity.

Ok, so the above story is a work of fiction, however, Nootropics can and do have a major impact on productivity. I have used them to assist with studying, homework, working out,  writing lengthy research papers, and cleaning house. Organization requires intense focus and activation of the decision making centers (executive function) of the brain found in primarily in the prefrontal cortex (PFC).

Productivity Based on Dopaminergics

Dopaminergics are a type of nootropics that work by elevating the level of dopamine or its activity in the brain. The dopamine neurotransmitter causes feelings of pleasure and reward within the brain and body. The nootropics work by stimulating the release of dopamine from the pre-frontal cortex .

Some dopaminergic nootropic examples include:

Mucuna Pruriens







Stay tuned in the next week or two for a number of New Nootropic Drinks I have ordered that should be arriving soon. I’ll be posting detailed reviews of these products so follow this blog & get the latest updates in Nootropic Drinks immediately!

See you at the top.


About RefreshingNootropics

I write and research all topics related to optimizing human potential via Nootropics, Brain fitness training, exercise, and restructuring subconscious beliefs and habits. My obsession it to figure out what makes the difference in peak performance and discover new ways to create a break through in achievement and success.


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