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NEUTONIC – Turn your brain up to Eleven

Get ready to clear the mental fog and turn your brain into a blazing power-plant.



Granted, this Nootropic stack is in liquid form, it does not drink like Neurofuel, BrainToniq, or Nerd. This Nootropic shot is most closely comparable to TrueBrain although maintains quite a different list of ingredients, flavors, and punch.

Initial Impressions

The Neutonic experience is very different to what I was expecting. I had this flashback to the first time in college that I tried a 5 hour energy shot and the 5 hours of intense energy and focus that ensued. Neutonic brought back that same experience yet dwarfed it several times over.


Productivity increase by 100%

My brain felt like it reached a new level of optimization. The focus was there, profound, persistent, heightened cognition. Flashes of deep insight emerged as I set out to tackle my office work. I noticed an acuity to my perception. Enhanced pattern recognition, clarity and precision to my thoughts and vision. My mind was working in harmony, alpha waves were activated as I noticed I was now functioning at a peak performing level. This was no gradual focus like I had experience when taking Excelerol, but a sudden onset of powerful Nootropic effects.

Taste & Effect

The taste of Neutonic can be compared to 5 hour energy, the fruit flavors were evident, slightly bitter, yet as the effects kicked-in and the increase in neuronal activity emerged from the pre-frontal cortex, combined with the feeling of a synchronization of brain hemispheres, and increased alpha-wave activity, I knew I had stumbled upon a Nootropic drink in a class of its own.

Memory Boost

Another interesting and unexpected perk to this product was its effects on my memory.

I was writing an email and needed to recall the name of a company- at the tip of my tongue. I could sense the name but the access was not there. I took a deep breath and suddenly perceived Neutonic at work- my brain was alight and the name shot up from the depth of my network of synapses. The speed and efficiency of memory retrievable was different than any other Nootropic drink I have had to date. Needless to say I was impressed.

Monk Illustration_colored

+Memory, +Focus, +Concentration, +Genius…


The company as a whole is very professional. Note only have they mastered the branding of their product, stuck to their guns to deliver the highest quality Nootropic ingredients, check the link to see the impressive stack including Alpha-GPC, SerinAid, TeaCrine, CDP-Choline, Acetyl-l-Tyrosine and l-Carnitine, detailed descriptions provided on their website:


Neutonic – In the News!

Neutonic has recently launched round 2 of thier crowd funding for manufacturing with a campaign via indiegogo. Check out their campaign here for more details on how you can contribute!:


Neutonic has more recently been mentioned on USA Today at their Facebook convention last week!:
Also mentioned on Foodbev:
and Flash sale on modernlook.com

2 Weeks of Consumption Update

I have consumed Neutonic over the past two weeks as needed and have seen a rise in my productivity by almost 100%. I was productive before Neutonic, but based on the increase in focus, rise in creativity and improvement in mental agility, I have noticed my most mentally taxing tasks getting complete in small bouts of intense effort with answers and decisions coming much more easily and effortlessly than before.

Overall this product earns a Nootropic Drink Review stamp of approval and a clean 5 out of 5.


5 out of 5. Great Product, Greater Effect.

Final Deliberation

It’s definitely worth the investment in terms of portability / convenience, style, and most certainly its powerful Nootropic effects. You will be able to gain an ROI by the rapid rise  in productivity alone. As with any Nootropic, always read about the ingredients, assess your tolerance, and most importantly, focus on high-quality, natural and proven ingredients, all of which Neutonic amply supplies.

And I leave you with this song to chill to:

See you at the top.

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