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Powder City.com: Your Bulk Nootropic Destination

You don’t always have to order pre-made, ultra sugary, high-calorie, dosage-fixed smart-drinks that burden your wallet because of some company’s excessive marketing budget produced overly colorful wrapping paper and an elaborate corporate logo.

If you are feeling especially creative, adventurous, and frugal today, why not go for the raw/bulk ingredients themselves, and blend your own custom-made Nootropic refreshment!?

We are by no means certified Nootropic Alchemists here at Nootropic Drinks Review, however, recently, we discovered Powdercity.com and their impressive inventory of anything you can imagine in the smart supplementation category.


Powder City Nootropic Packets

Placing the order online at their website Powdercity.com, the order was shipped almost instantly and the package arrived within 3 days (now that is what I call customer satisfaction) I opened the container, and low, I lay upon the table three air-tight and sealed, amply filled powder pouches with my sales receipt neatly folded and protected from any possible breach of water infiltration into the envelope.

Without further delay, I unsealed the pouches, and blended the packets of NALT, Alpha GPC, and Noopept into a glass with a splash of Margarita Mix and plenty of Water. Margarita Mix was all I had in the fridge at the time.

Although I didn’t quite budget to buy the pill machine and milligram scale (the preferred, slightly less bitter, method of ingesting these powders) when I ordered these Nootropics from Powder City, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered inside the packets were perfectly sized measuring spoons with exact dosage increments: 10 mg for the Noopept, 300-350 mg for the Alpha GPC and NALT respectively, a fact that is not immediately obvious from their website when ordering.


Noopept and Micro Measuring Scoop



Structural Formula for NALT

In case you were wondering, NALT stands for N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine. NALT is an Amino Acid that supports wakefulness when subject to sleep deprivation, such as the example of me writing this article right now functioning on very little sleep and nearly 17 hours of continuous workload, memorizing, and studying.


Structural Formula for Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC or more formally known as Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, is a choline-containing supplement that is found in many different food products. Choline is known for its attenuating effects on cognitive decline primarily due to age-related conditions.


Structural Formula for Noopept

Now for Noopept, or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester… not the most obvious acronym, Noopept is a synthetic molecule promoting memory and cognitive health, with what can be cited as mild psycho-stimulating effects, Noopept also boasts neuro-protective qualities and is most closely related to the -racetam class of nootropic supplements (Noopept is described as 1000 times more potent than its close cousin Piracetam, with a 10 mg effective dose).


The effects were gradual with this stack – taking it without the caffeine definitely heightened the non-focus related effects such as subtle changes in memory retention, overall spacial-reasoning enhancements, and verbal fluency.

I could perceive a depth extension to my thinking, my hearing became more acute, slightly elevated sounds such as the time-phased pressure differentials of the wind, the high-pitched chirping vociferation of a bird upon a solitary branch, even some colors (blues and greens) became more vibrant.


Powder city has everything in its arsenal of Nootropic products one could think of. They stock Noopept,  Alpha GPC, Sublutamine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and many other powders, and when they say fast shipping, you better be ready for fast shipping. I was blown away at both the service and the bang for the buck. Some of the best pricing  I have seen anywhere online for this quality of ingredients.

In summary, my custom stack included: NALT, Alpha GPC, Noopept as basic components.

Ideally I would use the following steps rather than just throw the powder into water (it is hard to completely dissolve):

  • Buy a capsule making kit
  • Gel capsules
  • and a milligram scale

and measure out your own capsules.

Or if you just want to make your own (non-alcoholic) cocktail and don’t mind the quick and easy manual mix, buy the powders, spoon out the desired dosage in a glass, blend, and enjoy!

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I write and research all topics related to optimizing human potential via Nootropics, Brain fitness training, exercise, and restructuring subconscious beliefs and habits. My obsession it to figure out what makes the difference in peak performance and discover new ways to create a break through in achievement and success.


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