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I peer at the aluminum vessel sitting on my desk. The FocusAid website and packaging is adamant about drinking all of its functional beverages ice-cold. I puncture the lid, paired by the familiar crack, the carbonated pop that I have come to eagerly anticipate when opening a red-bull, monster, or the usual selection of cold-pressurized soft drink cans.





I smell the top and detect an earthy green-tea aroma with a touch of sweetness. This should be interesting… The first sip. It tastes like a very rich and highly concentrated green tea and is strangely refreshing with layers of earthy flavors, sweet carbonation, and a hint of blue agave.

There is a slight bitterness that is balanced by the sweet and I come to understand quickly why drinking this product cold can make all the difference. The green-tea taste permeates my palette followed by a sharp crisp carbonation to complete the Nootropic symphony of flavors.

Half-way though the can and already my mind is beginning to zone into focus mode. The goal tonight is to leverage the focus drink to write more effectively. After 12 hours of constant productivity and juggling multiple streams of thought whilst pursuing various competing goals, a mental boost is certainly welcomed.


Writing Mode Engage

This is not an energy drink.

True to the word, I don’t feel any spike in energy, rather, as expected, my focus has deepened. The familiar warm sensation in the pre-frontal cortex. The clearing of mental cobwebs accompanied by the narrowing chasm of concentration upon a single task.

It is easy for the mind to let thoughts run astray and to follow every single one of them to their undisciplined conclusions. It is necessary at times, as part of the mental process of learning and applying creativity to be diffuse in thought and concentration.

There are moments when the task  at hand may demand a different level of precision or vigorous focusing. When focus is the intended outcome, such as when studying for a test, composing the outline of a short story, article, or publication, or when measuring the symmetry of the face before drawing a portrait. Grabbing a Nootropic drink is a simple yet effective solution to simultaneously refresh and replenish the body and brain with essential nutrients and powerful neuronal equalizers constituting a state of balance and heightened concentration.

FOCUSAID delivers.

FocusAID packs the following components in its focus stack:

  • GABA

With only 45 Calories per serving, this drink does not add an unnecessary saturation of sugar that expand the waste-line.

Overall Experience:

Overall we give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. It receives a 5 out of 5 for achieving its intended effect of increasing focus and concentration however the taste is best suited for a tea drinker.

We recognize that the taste factor is a strong motivator for consuming Nootropic Drinks, therefore if you love all things tea, this drink is for you! If you prefer trying something more tropical, definitely read our post about TruBrain.

Other LifeAid Functional Drinks?

More interesting than just their focus product, LIFEAID Beverage Company is a leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products for an active lifestyle. Their other functional beverages include: FITAID, LIFEAID, PARTYAID, TRAVELAID, GAMERAID and GOLVERAID…. As far as creativity goes, this company takes the house.


Photo From LifeAidbevco.eu


About RefreshingNootropics

I write and research all topics related to optimizing human potential via Nootropics, Brain fitness training, exercise, and restructuring subconscious beliefs and habits. My obsession it to figure out what makes the difference in peak performance and discover new ways to create a break through in achievement and success.


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