In order to make it through four grueling years of engineering college, spending countless sleepless hours staring at graph paper, greek symbols, and squiggly integral signs, I had to develop not only the discipline to grit my teeth at the oft repetitive nature of number crunching, but the wisdom to utilize nutrition to my advantage.

The common theme and nutrition of choice was a class of nutritional supplements called Nootropics. I had always had sports drinks and soda growing up, and benefited from the boost that I got from the natural caffeine and sugar but realized that these drinks were not all that healthy. I didn’t know where to find these supplements in one place, nor did I know how effective they would be.

One day while walking past a convenient store with my friend Stew, I noticed an advertisement for a drink called Neuro Fuel. This particular drink had in bold white letters on the can: happiness, motivation, and that would optimize my neural networks – what?

I stopped in my paces and suddenly felt a jolt of revelation. The genius of this a product and how it could help people study with intense focus and a positive mood has stuck with me even until today.

That day, since I was on my way to setup shop at the library for an entire weekend study session preparing for a calculus exam, I opened my first can and the weight of the world seemed to lift for the next hour or two. As if by some strange and incredible force, like in the movie limitless when the protagonist takes NZT for the first time, I gulped back a few more refreshing streams of Neuro Fuel and everything in my vision became brighter, warmer, and in focus. I felt like I suddenly achieved an IQ boost as traces of piracetam entered through my neural pathways. Everything within my view was glowing with a radiance that I had not perceived before.

Refreshing Nootropics is a concept which I set up in order to inform myself, along with you all, in an organized and magazine-like fashion the latest developments in nootropics, with an emphasis on nootropic drinks.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Daniel,

    NERD Beverage Corporation really appreciates your review. We do have one request. You have a picture of our old can, and we would like for you to replace that picture with a picture of our current can.


    Posted by Kristin Polverino | June 14, 2011, 7:46 pm
  2. It seems to me that this site doesnt download on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same problem? I enjoy this site and dont want to have to skip it any time Im gone from my computer.


    Posted by website | June 7, 2012, 8:16 am

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