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NEU Nootropic Boost Review – Double your productivity with one drink?


Can one drink DOUBLE your productivity?

I just consumed one shot of NEU Nootropic Boost that claims right on the bottle it will help improve my motivation, focus, and mood.

I have tried literally every Nootropic drink and energy drink on the market – some that have been taken off the shelf. At one point I was so fed up I made my own custom blends of Nootropic powders to find something that I could feel and would help me study or get a lot of work done.

This never ending searching has led me to what I think is the best, most effective,  healthy, and premium Nootropic beverage available anywhere right now:

Introducing NEU Nootropic Boost

As a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, thinking back on those all night study sessions, I wish I had NEU when I was studying for finals. I lived in Knoxville, TN over 7 years ago where I witnessed the first product launch of Neuro Fuel an energy drink that added Nootropics into the mix. I couldn’t believe that there were liquid form smart supplements that could really improve Focus, Mood, Motivation, and Happiness. Ever since I have made it my mission to find the newest and best functional drink available.

How It Tastes

NEU tastes a bit bitter yet simultaneously fruity (like water-melon). The drink trades bitterness and tons of added sugar/ artificial sweeteners for premium Nootropic ingredients that deliver on effect, not just a caffeine-like buzz but a real, marked improvement in motivation and focus.

NEU has only 18 calories per bottle. Let me write that again… 18 calories per bottle. That’s roughly equivalent to licking two postage stamps.

NEU is available on their website to order and setup an automatic subscription service HERE!


What is in it?

Their Nootropic Stack is listed on the bottle with exact quantities of each ingredient totaling 2050 mg:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnetine | 500 mg
    • Modified amino acid.
      • Helps to produce more cellular energy in the body.
      • Helps to improve memory
      • Improves blood circulation in the brain.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine | 500 mg
    • Premium brain supplement. It is an effective dopamine modulator without bypassing enzymes within the brain. 
      • Helps to reduce mental and body stress and protect against it.
      • It helps to develop blood circulation in brain.
      • It helps to improve neural communication.
  • CDP-Choline | 300 mg
    • Neuron supporting supplement 
      • Helps protect neuron from damage.
      • Helps improve memory capacity.
      • Helps improve cellular communication.
  • DMAE Bitartrate | 250 mg
    • Dimethylaminoethanol is a powerful brain supplement
      • Beneficial for memory function.
      • Helps increase mental ability.
      • Helps improve brain cells
  • L-Theanine | 250 mg
    • Used for reducing anxiety, improving mood, improving focus and concentration and as an effective sleep aid
      • Helps maintain calmness and relaxation.
      • Anti anxiety and anti stress effects
      • Improves concentration and focus
  • Organic Caffeine | 125 mg
    • Organic caffeine refers to the natural sources of caffeine. Natural caffeine can be found in around 60 different plant species, such as Guarana berries or yerba mate
      • It is safe
      • Helpful for developing mental power
      • Helps improve mental alterness
  • Alpha-GPC | 100 mg
    • For memory formation and learning, one of the most important brain chemicals is called Acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is derived from a precursor called Choline or Alpha GPC. Alpha-GPC, choline compound can be found in the brain.
      • It provides brain with raw choline.
      • Helps to improve memory.
      • Helps improve physical strength and vitality
  • Phosphaltidylserine | 25 mg
    • Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid and a component of the cell membrane that contains both amino acids and fatty acids.
      • Supports cellular repair and immune system function
      • Supports the functioning of the heart
      • Supports the adrenal glands

Learn more and check out their website HERE.


Drinking NEU before work!

Functional & Mood Enhancing Benefits

As a Nootropic boost, NEU is giving me a warm rush of focus that is noticeable immediately while gradually increasing in effect as time ticks on. This product has some pretty high quality ingredients in it so I am not surprised as to how effective it is.

After about 20 minutes I am starting to develop some tunnel vision focusing in on the task at hand. Distractions are slowly abating and it seems easier to organize my thoughts as well as control them from wondering and seeking a new stimulus.

As I feel more and more clear headed, I also start to notice my mood improving – part of it could be the music I have playing in the background as I am writing this, however the feeling is markedly different than before taking the shot as is my overall focus. It’s like a tightening or sharpening of my senses.

Order NEU from their website HERE!

Focus is a product of a myriad of biological parameters acting with synergistic effect to draw attention into whatever activity or object is in front of you.

Being well hydrated, breathing in fresh air, being well nourished, having calm and not stressed-out emotional state, having an organized environment and mind, as well as having something interesting you are working, can all contribute to an elevated mood, heightened motivation, and focus.

The Surprising Secret of Highly Productive People

Nootropics are one of those secrets that not too many people talk about but many students and high achievers use them consistently to gain an advantage in all aspects of focus and mental endurance.


NEU to get things done.

Nutrition is a daily habit. For years I freely drank Red Bulls, Monster Drinks, Rock Star, Full Throttle, Amp, Tweakers, 5-hour energy shots not realizing that all these drinks were doing were adding calories, caffeine, and maybe some B-vitamins or Guarana. Let’s not forget about NOS.. mental focus being touted as one of its benefits. After you get over the insulin spike and excessive caffeine come-down, you are left in a bit of a daze wondering what the heck you just did to your body.

Nootropics have a very different approach to mental focus, they don’t rely on Caffeine, instead the ingredients are all thoroughly vetted, researched, combined to complement each-other and provide something entirely safe. Each ingredient is proven to be healthy for your body and brain, and can be used as a LIFESTYLE supplement. This means you can consume NEU on an ongoing basis. They have a subscription option on their website to get NEU on a recurring basis!

Click here to get the advantage!

Can your productivity DOUBLE with Nootropics?

Many times when I come home from work (after 10 or 11 hour days of non-stop meetings, writing, or presentations),  mental and physical exhaustion kicks in and all I can think about is turning on the TV or taking a nap. Well, because I am a serial entrepreneur at heart and try to run 4 or 5 businesses at a time, I use whatever I can to boost my energy, focus, and mood to stay motivated and get back to work.

So 5:00 PM comes around and instead of sleeping or watching TV on the couch, I take a Nootropic shot and my focus surges back to feeling like I just woke up. This gives me an additional 8 hours or intense focus after the work day is over! Imagine what you could accomplish with an extra 8 hour work day in one 24 hour period? Multiply that by 1 year and it starts to add up to having a significant advantage in work and in life.


Elegant bottles, taste, and massive effect on focus!

Value Margin and Price

NEU is currently priced at $3.50 for each shot. I have seen 5 hours energy shots  in stores sell for $2.75, sometimes more… For $0.75 cents more you are getting way more value than just Caffeine and Niacin from premium Nootropic ingredients that are proprietary to the NEU formulation…

Click here to order your own 12 pack and get more done!

“Mental Mojo”- Powerful Nootropic Instant-Drink Review

Mental Mojo has perfected the Nootropic stack beyond anything I have had the pleasure of reviewing up to this point. Their company is poised to make most competitors retreat to the drawing board and rethink their current formulations.


Comes in instant packets- just added 12 oz of water and enjoyed

I loved TruBrain, but after drinking 12 ounces of Mental Mojo and witnessing my tired Monday afternoon brain quickly re-calibrate and catapult into a more focused state than I had been all day, even after consuming 3 cups of coffee to try to keep awake and productive this morning, I may be a Mojo convert.

Every sip of the Kiwi Strawberry flavored (other option we have to try is the fruit punch flavor) concoction with its fruity green color and refreshing taste felt more like I was pouring the beverage directly into my brain. Minute by minute my focus was augmenting- peeling back layers of muddled thoughts and emerging into a clear blue heaven, like a 747’s ascent into the stratosphere from a dark sheath of clouds suddenly cast into the ubiquitous blue azure surrounding skies.


Cool green color Nootropic stack and branded bottle

Real World Test:

I decide to put this new found focus to the test and try my hand at some classic dual n-back task to see if there might be any measurable gains on my working memory capacity. First off, I have not practiced this training task in a month or so. The fact that I was able to focus exclusively on performing this challenging exercise speaks volumes to Mental Mojo for getting me into a state where I felt cognitively capable of blocking out distractions and completing a 20 minute session. In case you are curious of dual n-back task, you can learn more here: http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/ and download a completely free program to try it out for yourself and learn more about its potential benefits. Mid-Week Update: 2 days after drinking Mental Mojo I achieved my highest score of all time on the application!


Much easier if you check out website above or watch tutorial video to figure out

After 1 hour of drinking Mental Mojo my focus and creativity is still at 100%. With this type of boost, I am already smiling about tomorrow’s fully booked calendar and how I can rethink my approach to the day.

Active Ingredients:

  • Huperzine A
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Alpha GPC
  • Vinpocetine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Phosphatidylserine

We have seen a similar stack in other products however what is most important to consider is the ratio of ingredients combined for their synergistic effects on cognition. Moreover,  many nootropic products contain Alpha GPC, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Phophatidylserine, or Alpha Brain which contains AC-11, Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzine A, L-Leucine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Oat Straw, Phosphatidylserine, Pterostilbene and Vinpocetine. The most important component is the dosage and the how each ingredient builds upon the other to deliver the pay load with the greatest effect. Mental Mojo is right up there with the best of them.

More Details:

Check out there website here: https://mentalmojo.me/

The website delves into the science and background of their product in a great amount of detail and is extremely well done with some pretty cool animation.

Calm Focus:

Let’s continue to explore the effects. I have not practiced meditation in many years, mostly due to my hectic schedule and always having something racing through my thoughts. Being in an heightened state, I decide to try a full 20 minute meditation practice.

I spent the last 20 minutes sitting quiet for the first time in a very long time. Although there was a barrage of thoughts impeding on my meditative trance at first, soon to dissipate into a stillness and presence that was much welcomed, this is the second amazing achievement this evening.

Overall What Do I think?:

Nootropics have such simple benefits which regular coffee (in its own right a Nootropic) or energy drink stacks miss completely, such as being able to maintain steadfast focus without a constant jittery feelings compounded by caffeine stimulants. With Mental Mojo, I have regained focus, increased my working memory, had enough motivation to train on dual n-back, meditate, and in general feel better about the tumultuous week ahead of me. If I had 10 stars to give, Mental Mojo has more than earned them on effect alone, and more than delivers on a refreshing taste and my overall thought process boost.

In addition, and what I like more than anything, is that this company cares about their product and about delivering not just a gimmicky energy drink designed to increase your alertness with massive quantities of caffeine and a compelling logo, but a carefully measured stack of the best, most synergistic Nootropics, framed for the user, to achieve maximum potency and cognitive benefit.


Rocker Fuel for your Brain!

Diffuse Mode Thinking VS. Linear Thinking:

One of the most prevalent benefits that I have noticed from Mojo is not so much the linear focus you might expect from a caffeine-like stimulant, but rather a diffuse mode of thought that is well suited for creative pursuits. This might be why meditation was so rewarding or why when speaking or writing, there is a marked increase in fluidity and fluency in my train of thought. The words are emerging with less effort, less pause, and overall greater coherency. It would be hard to quantify such an experience, from my subjective point of view, the improvement is real. I can see the Mental Mojo effect to be optimally suited for the following activity categories:

  • Writing
  • BrainStorming
  • Drawing
  • Speaking/Conversing
  • Planning
  • Creative Pursuits (song-writing, poetry, cooking)

Moreover, many of the products we review at Nootropic Drinks Review primarily taut focus and concentration as their primary faculties of influence, Mental Mojo promotes an entirely different characteristic of intelligence that belies creativity, a certain diffuse mode of thought, the spontaneous amalgamation of purely subconscious elements.

All theoretical convulsion aside, Mental Mojo packs a hefty punch and delivers above and beyond our expectations here at Nootropic Drinks Review.



I peer at the aluminum vessel sitting on my desk. The FocusAid website and packaging is adamant about drinking all of its functional beverages ice-cold. I puncture the lid, paired by the familiar crack, the carbonated pop that I have come to eagerly anticipate when opening a red-bull, monster, or the usual selection of cold-pressurized soft drink cans.





I smell the top and detect an earthy green-tea aroma with a touch of sweetness. This should be interesting… The first sip. It tastes like a very rich and highly concentrated green tea and is strangely refreshing with layers of earthy flavors, sweet carbonation, and a hint of blue agave.

There is a slight bitterness that is balanced by the sweet and I come to understand quickly why drinking this product cold can make all the difference. The green-tea taste permeates my palette followed by a sharp crisp carbonation to complete the Nootropic symphony of flavors.

Half-way though the can and already my mind is beginning to zone into focus mode. The goal tonight is to leverage the focus drink to write more effectively. After 12 hours of constant productivity and juggling multiple streams of thought whilst pursuing various competing goals, a mental boost is certainly welcomed.


Writing Mode Engage

This is not an energy drink.

True to the word, I don’t feel any spike in energy, rather, as expected, my focus has deepened. The familiar warm sensation in the pre-frontal cortex. The clearing of mental cobwebs accompanied by the narrowing chasm of concentration upon a single task.

It is easy for the mind to let thoughts run astray and to follow every single one of them to their undisciplined conclusions. It is necessary at times, as part of the mental process of learning and applying creativity to be diffuse in thought and concentration.

There are moments when the task  at hand may demand a different level of precision or vigorous focusing. When focus is the intended outcome, such as when studying for a test, composing the outline of a short story, article, or publication, or when measuring the symmetry of the face before drawing a portrait. Grabbing a Nootropic drink is a simple yet effective solution to simultaneously refresh and replenish the body and brain with essential nutrients and powerful neuronal equalizers constituting a state of balance and heightened concentration.

FOCUSAID delivers.

FocusAID packs the following components in its focus stack:

  • GABA

With only 45 Calories per serving, this drink does not add an unnecessary saturation of sugar that expand the waste-line.

Overall Experience:

Overall we give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. It receives a 5 out of 5 for achieving its intended effect of increasing focus and concentration however the taste is best suited for a tea drinker.

We recognize that the taste factor is a strong motivator for consuming Nootropic Drinks, therefore if you love all things tea, this drink is for you! If you prefer trying something more tropical, definitely read our post about TruBrain.

Other LifeAid Functional Drinks?

More interesting than just their focus product, LIFEAID Beverage Company is a leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products for an active lifestyle. Their other functional beverages include: FITAID, LIFEAID, PARTYAID, TRAVELAID, GAMERAID and GOLVERAID…. As far as creativity goes, this company takes the house.


Photo From LifeAidbevco.eu



CILTEP contains a Nootropic stack that redefines the notion I had of cognitive supplements and their practical usage for mood, memory, and focus enhancement.

In order to enable the supplement to achieve its maximum effect, a 5 day coarse and subsequent daily review has been initiated to fully quantity, qualify, and validate the true potency of these ingredients and their synergistic effect on boosting productivity and the quality of various focus-intensive activities throughout the day.

Based on an examine.com study, CILTEP appears to have components with a long history of study and analysis. A brief survey of the publications supports this assessment that robust research has been conducted on all the ingredients forming a part thereof of the CILTEP stack, with repeated double-blind clinical trials as a matter of norm.

The CILTEP Nooptropic stack combines artichoke extract and forskalin, the later sounding like an herb you might harvest in the outer-banks of Skryrim’s town of Whiterun.

CILTEP Nootropic Stack, For Focus & Memory, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, Natural Stacks – $36.00

Off the launch pad, what I love about this product is its simplicity and non-pretentious components. Moreover, the list and component benefits of what’s in CILTEP are as follows.


Premium Artichoke Extract

Artichoke extract contains Luteolin, a safe natural inhibitor of PDE4. PDE4 inhibitors have been shown to have significant nootropic effects including increased cognition, improved long term memory, increased wakefulness, and neuroprotection.


Forskolin, derived from the ancient plant Coleus Forskohlii, activates the enzyme adenylyl cyclase which increases intra-cellular levels of cAMP. The result is an overall improvement of cognitive function, especially memory formation and retention of new information.


ALCAR is an acetylated form of the amino acid L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is present in many foods but can also be synthesized in the liver. When cAMP is increased in neurons by forskolin, studies have shown that levels of acetylcholinesterase are also increased. We added ALCAR to the stack to help mitigate the effects of increased acetylcholinesterase on short-term memory and energy.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B6 is required for the biosynthesis of several neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. CILTEP features the metabolically active form of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) to ensure optimal cognitive function.


L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid found in some foods that the brain uses to make dopamine. This amino acid acts as fuel to support efficient dopamine metabolism for maximum motivation and a positive mood.

A 5 Day Assessment:

I woke up this morning feeling tired, groggy, and singularly unmotivated. what can I say… It’s Monday morning and the entire work week is upon us.

But wait, a sudden realization surfaces. Today is the day I begin taking CILTEP. The lack of motivation suddenly drops, and behold, there it is, the budding light of inspiration. Today does not have to be a snow-man building exercise to get it going, with CILTEP I’m thinking hypersonic flight, sonic-boom kinda day.  1, 2, 3, chasing down the supplements with a fresh ice-cold glass of H20, I inhale and…..



nothing… Maybe this is going to take a few minutes.

Like clock-work, the effects begin to engage, subtly at first. I consume breakfast 15 or 20 minutes later along with my normal bevy of daily multivitamins.

At work I chug a cup of coffee, and suddenly, it hits me. I gain access to multiple chains of thoughts in a lattice like structure, it’s as if a blazing pathway had been crafted between my subconscious mind serving up precise thoughts and ideas when I need them.

Conversations become more fluent. I organize my ideas rapidly and can hold on to more items in working memory. Recognizing this is only day one, I am excited to see how the next 2 or 3 days progress.


So it has been 5 days since starting my daily morning regimen of CILTEP. I have noticed a few profound but important distinctions over the past couple of days.Taking this supplement first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before eating (20-30 minutes) is optimal. By the time breakfast rolls around, the effects are pronounced. Heightened focus more precise verbal and episodic recall. Pairing the CILTEP with a coffee makes for a superior alertness throughout the morning which helps tremendously with motivation and stamina especially regarding tedious assignments at work and at home.

It was only after 3 days that the true potency of the stack became apparent. The effects were gradual. I noticed an improvement in memory recall and encoding in both my writing/reading, and high pressured tasks. The calmness and certainty that I had could feel in both an improved mood and enhanced recall amplified my productivity this week in the mornings especially.

The only draw back I can see with CILTEP is that by the evening, my energy levels were so well spent throughout the day that sustaining this optimum level was hard after 7 or 8PM at night. I would definitely recommend for longer lasting energy, adding time-phased  Nootropics to sustain performance as mentally draining activity. TruBrain would be an ideal companion of CILTEP, with the Piracetam and Oxiracetan constituents to perfectly compliment this robust stack.

CILTEP Nootropic Stack, For Focus & Memory, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, Natural Stacks – $36.00

Retail Price: $42.95
You Save: $6.95
from: VitaSprings.com

Powder City.com: Your Bulk Nootropic Destination

You don’t always have to order pre-made, ultra sugary, high-calorie, dosage-fixed smart-drinks that burden your wallet because of some company’s excessive marketing budget produced overly colorful wrapping paper and an elaborate corporate logo.

If you are feeling especially creative, adventurous, and frugal today, why not go for the raw/bulk ingredients themselves, and blend your own custom-made Nootropic refreshment!?

We are by no means certified Nootropic Alchemists here at Nootropic Drinks Review, however, recently, we discovered Powdercity.com and their impressive inventory of anything you can imagine in the smart supplementation category.


Powder City Nootropic Packets

Placing the order online at their website Powdercity.com, the order was shipped almost instantly and the package arrived within 3 days (now that is what I call customer satisfaction) I opened the container, and low, I lay upon the table three air-tight and sealed, amply filled powder pouches with my sales receipt neatly folded and protected from any possible breach of water infiltration into the envelope.

Without further delay, I unsealed the pouches, and blended the packets of NALT, Alpha GPC, and Noopept into a glass with a splash of Margarita Mix and plenty of Water. Margarita Mix was all I had in the fridge at the time.

Although I didn’t quite budget to buy the pill machine and milligram scale (the preferred, slightly less bitter, method of ingesting these powders) when I ordered these Nootropics from Powder City, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered inside the packets were perfectly sized measuring spoons with exact dosage increments: 10 mg for the Noopept, 300-350 mg for the Alpha GPC and NALT respectively, a fact that is not immediately obvious from their website when ordering.


Noopept and Micro Measuring Scoop



Structural Formula for NALT

In case you were wondering, NALT stands for N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine. NALT is an Amino Acid that supports wakefulness when subject to sleep deprivation, such as the example of me writing this article right now functioning on very little sleep and nearly 17 hours of continuous workload, memorizing, and studying.


Structural Formula for Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC or more formally known as Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, is a choline-containing supplement that is found in many different food products. Choline is known for its attenuating effects on cognitive decline primarily due to age-related conditions.


Structural Formula for Noopept

Now for Noopept, or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester… not the most obvious acronym, Noopept is a synthetic molecule promoting memory and cognitive health, with what can be cited as mild psycho-stimulating effects, Noopept also boasts neuro-protective qualities and is most closely related to the -racetam class of nootropic supplements (Noopept is described as 1000 times more potent than its close cousin Piracetam, with a 10 mg effective dose).


The effects were gradual with this stack – taking it without the caffeine definitely heightened the non-focus related effects such as subtle changes in memory retention, overall spacial-reasoning enhancements, and verbal fluency.

I could perceive a depth extension to my thinking, my hearing became more acute, slightly elevated sounds such as the time-phased pressure differentials of the wind, the high-pitched chirping vociferation of a bird upon a solitary branch, even some colors (blues and greens) became more vibrant.


Powder city has everything in its arsenal of Nootropic products one could think of. They stock Noopept,  Alpha GPC, Sublutamine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and many other powders, and when they say fast shipping, you better be ready for fast shipping. I was blown away at both the service and the bang for the buck. Some of the best pricing  I have seen anywhere online for this quality of ingredients.

In summary, my custom stack included: NALT, Alpha GPC, Noopept as basic components.

Ideally I would use the following steps rather than just throw the powder into water (it is hard to completely dissolve):

  • Buy a capsule making kit
  • Gel capsules
  • and a milligram scale

and measure out your own capsules.

Or if you just want to make your own (non-alcoholic) cocktail and don’t mind the quick and easy manual mix, buy the powders, spoon out the desired dosage in a glass, blend, and enjoy!

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